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Rising Star of Turkey: BURSA

As being the fourth largest city in Turkey with ever expanding economy and large population, Bursa is located in the Marmara Region. The city is the second highest exporting province of Turkey after Istanbul. Specially after developing effective transportation links through Ferry Line or New Osman Gazi Bridge (the world's fifth-longest suspension bridge) Bursa has become more accessible to Istanbul and other surrounding cities.

Bursa is full of historical attractions such as many stunning mosques and museums as being once the capital of the Ottoman Empire. Since Bursa was a part of the ancient Silk Road, the city offers amazing shopping opportunities in the old style bazaar and shops, especially for its famous local Silk. Along with the extensive historical background; Bursa is internationally famous for its nature and climate. The city has a mild Mediterranean climate, having warm summers and mild and rainy autumns. There is usually snow in the surroundings of Uludag Mountain which makes the city worldwide popular for skiing during winter. Also, Bursa is hosting many thermal spa resorts and the thermal baths that are well-known for their healing and physical therapy. The city is also famous for its cuisine, specially famed for its Iskender Kebab and candied chestnut as must-traditional tastes of Bursa to try....

As for the investment side, Bursa is one of the most attractive investment hubs in Turkey, especially for the investors from Gulf Countries since city is one of the fastest growing industry and tourism zone in the country. Here are the main reasons :

Why Invest in Bursa?

  • Citizenship by Investment
  • Strong Capital Growth
  • Low Taxing System
  • Easy access to Istanbul, Yalova etc. through its location and efficient transportation channels
  • One of the fastest growing cities in Turkey as a leading city for textile and automotive industry
  • A peaceful environment and nature for a holiday home


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