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CLM Mimarlık was founded in 2012 as a Multi-Disciplinary Design Studio based in the city of Bursa/TURKEY, since then has led many prestigious architectural projects in the local and international market. CLM Mimarlik has expanded its operations as a real estate company under CLM Real Estate and aims at being one of the top-leading real estate companies of Turkey with distinctive smart investment consultancy services.

CLM Real Estate aims at serving investors to offer the best investment opportunities in the local and international market through smart investment solutions and tools.

Contary to traditional real estate services, we as CLM Real Estate are conducting a Smart Investment Service for best investment opportunities in the requested investment location by maximizing the profit and minimizing effort and cost. 

We are also offering a business trip to serious-minded investors to travel requested invesment location to see the investment opportunity on the spot. To learn more about this offer, please fill the form in the Fly & Invest. Our CLM specialist will contact with you and provide you all the details to make an informed investment decision.

Company Profile